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Romania Plants for Tomorrow in 2024. Spring planting calendar

In 2024, OMV Petrom’s Romania Plants for Tomorrow programme is mainly reaching the city. Thus, this year, the two planting seasons will be concentrated in urban areas for which more than 340,000 seedlings are being prepared.

At the same time, planting continues in rural areas in need of intervention. An estimated 225,000 seedlings are also expected to be planted in non-urban areas. The investment allocated in 2024 by OMV Petrom in planting actions is €3.2 million for more than 550,000 seedlings.

Moreover, one of the objectives set for the next 3 years is additional maintenance for the more than 2 million trees planted so far and reaching the threshold of 1 million trees planted in Romanian cities.

The afforestation actions are carried out with the support of six NGOs recognized for their contributions to environmental protection in Romania – Act for Tomorrow, Mai Mult Verde, Plantăm fapte bune în România, Pădurea Copiilor, Viitor Plus and the Văcărești Natural Park Association.

With a contribution of €11.82 million, the “Romania plants for tomorrow” programme is the largest privately funded planting initiative in Romania. More than 2,800,000 seedlings have been planted on more than 550 hectares between 2020 and 2023. Over the 4 years, the planting campaign has mobilised more than 22,000 volunteers in 210 planting events in 33 counties and 130 communities.

Calendar and locations of volunteer plantings in spring 2024 (click on your preferred location to register):

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